Lose Weight
Get that body which you always wanted!

We believe that fitness should be accessible to everybody – regardless of shape, size, fitness level, background or attitude.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, our extensive range of equipment from world leading gym equipment specialists cater for everyone’s fitness goals.

Consistency is the key to weight loss, so when it comes to what is going to help you lower the number on the scale, the workout that works is the one you keep doing. Find a workout that doesn’t feel like one, like a dance class, a weekly hiking date with your best friend, or a brisk walk after dinner, so that you can — and want — to continue to do it.

Cardio intervals, or short sprints in between slower recovery periods, are better at helping you lose weight than steady-state cardio because they force your muscles to work harder without adequate oxygen, a process called anaerobic conditioning. This helps your muscles burn more fuel, perform better, and grow in the long run and can even cause certain gene changes in your body that fire up your metabolism.

Cardio and all-over body toning exercises combine in this class designed to get your heart pumping, fat shifting and muscles toning.

Intervals aren’t just for cardio workouts. Try varying your intensity during your next circuit workout; you’ll get the same afterburning and belly-blasting benefits while burning many more calories in a shorter amount of time

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