Personal Trainers
When it comes to fitness, time really is what you make it!

Combining the latest cutting edge technology and equipment with some of the best trainers in the business, the Horsforth Health and Fitness provides a tailored approach to fitness success that’s about working smarter, not longer. We understand that to achieve real goals in fitness or training, it pays to employ an elite level of training and support. That’s why we cherry-pick only the most experienced fitness professionals for personal training, Pilates and more, to offer you the kind of individual tuition that in our experience, really does make all the difference.

Horsforth Health and Fitness personal trainers range in level from Tier 1 to 4, based on experience and education. Each tier includes some of the industry’s most talented and committed trainers.

We use reality, not algorithms, to match you to a trainer. Your goals, fitness level, schedule and medical history are all vital. And as you progress, your trainer will too, staying ahead of the curve on trends and technology. Throughout your experience, you’ll get roadmaps that bring results. As results are why you’re here.

When you join Horsforth Health and Fitness you don’t just get a trainer who’s there to count your reps and put your weights away. You get access to the hands on knowledge of me and my team and so much more…

  • Dedicated gym time with a trainer
  • Supplementation plans tailored and constantly tweaked to take into account of unique your own biochemistry
  • Lifestyle management advice to enable you to always get the most out of your training and fit around your life as seamlessly as possible
  • Private personal training gym with access to the latest cutting edge equipment
  • All your diet programs carefully constructed around your unique goals and metabolism

At the Horsforth Health and Fitness we offer our members a bespoke one-to-one personal training service. We engage with a number of fitness specialists who are all highly-qualified professionals at the pinnacle of their chosen disciplines. With their help you can dramatically boost your fitness levels and your overall wellbeing.

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